Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to DontShelve. DontShelve is a classified listing service used to sell and buy books locally at your university, simply without the hassles of shipping.

How to Create Your First DontShelve Classified Ad:

  1. Create an account with DontShelve
  2. Create a classified listing for you book

How to Find and Buy A Book:

  1. Find a the book you are looking for by using the search feature.
    • Example: If you wanted to find a Calculus book at UIC, type: uic + calculus or uic calculus.
  2. Contact the seller using the private messaging system and buy the book. (To check for messages look in "My inbox" option in the left menu)

How to Stay Safe on DontShelve

Tips on staying safe

And bam! Thats all there is to it!